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About Hyzel Engineering Limited

HyZel Engineering Limited is the engineering unit in The HY Nigeria Group. Its sole function is engineering and project management.

Mission Statement

To provide prompt, qualitative and fit for purpose engineering & project management services to clients

Vision Statement

To be the preferred engineering and project management service company in the gulf of guinea.


The core values that guide HyZel’s approach to business are:


We surpass ordinary standards and raise the bar on performance by providing fit for purpose services to our client.

Team work

We work together as a team; ensuring creativity, swift and proactive response to challenges.
We create an environment where our employees meet fresh, exciting challenges and experience the satisfaction
of a job well done. At Hyzel, every employee contributes to value added performance.


Ideas rule the world; we see challenges as an opportunity to express our collective creativity.


We take ownership of our actions; this way we drive our actions with all our resources.


We surpass ordinary standards and raise the bar on performance by providing fit for purpose services to our client.
Our goal is to always exceed the client’s expectation; we move from customer satisfaction to delighting our customer.


We see each client as a partner and work together for our collective goal of ensuring both parties are delighted after
each project.


We effectively utilize the resources we have; maximising potential and ensuring growth of our available resources


We let nothing compromise our safety performance, and have safety initiatives in place to achieve our target of Zero Harm.
At Hyzel, we take safety to the next level.

Why Hyzel?

Our team is driven by seasoned professionals, with considerable experience and exposure in engineering and project management services.

We have broad based project teams with experienced leads in all disciplines.

We ensure timely delivery of projects to the highest quality and within budget.

Our technical partners are synonymous with excellence. Our personnel have executed projects in several locations globally; and have worked in several terrains.